Your first visit

The first massage is an experience

Getting a first massage from me or getting a first massage in general are two different situations. Most often, massages represent a pleasant way to return back to balance, but it is good to know some basic information to avoid being surprised or overwhelmed.

The first session is more diagnostic and informative

The first visit to my massage studio is different than the following ones.

In addition, it contains the following:

– I briefly introduce the types of massages I do.

– We talk about possible difficulties and restrictions of the client in more detail than in the follow-up massages.

– I ask about experience with massages.

– We mostly do body posture diagnosis and organ diagnosis.

– Consultation time is not included in the massage time, therefore reserve more time for your session than what is the stated massage length. 

What to know before your first visit

Because the massages interfere (though gently) with the functioning of the organism, it is not good to underestimate the situation. By saying that I mean, above all:

– read through my web-site about possible contraindications, i.e. in what cases one cannot get a massage

– have information regarding your health and then share it with the masseur!

– never come under the influence of analgesics

– plan your massage so that you have an easy program after the massage (i.e. no sports, fitness, party, alcohol drinking, demanding meetings, etc.), so that your body can devote energy to regeneration and thus allowing the massage to have a stronger effect.

What time for a massage to choose?

Because one is generally pleasantly tired, more sensitive and receptive, often well relaxed after a massage, it is better when you can stay in this state for the rest of the day. So plan your massage for a day when you don’t have any further a difficult program after the massage. And what is the best program after a massage?

– rolling in bed without your mobile phone or television

– a walk

– a glass of fresh squeezed juice

If you want high performance in such a relaxed mode, not only will you disturb the effects of the massage, but you can also hurt yourself.

I have a habit of reaching my clients through a message or over the phone in the days following the massages to see how the client feels. The clients are usually happy to share their specific experiences and to understand more, what is happening in their bodies and body experiencing.